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Nuove pizzette lievitate
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sono disponibili le nuove pizzette margherita prodotte con lievito naturale, mozzarella ed olio extra vergine d'oliva.

Pizzette Margherita

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About us


Since 1993 it has been our mission to bring one of the finest traditional dough products out of the kitchens of some of the greatest chefs: puff pastry. Its production which began as a home-made affair, where manual skill was more a necessity rather than a choice, was then moved in 1999 to a modern, purpose-made factory which responded perfectly to the greatest qualitative needs of the food industry. Here we have developed our growth strategies in both productivity and business terms, enhancing our skills and production quality to achieve state-of-the-art technological standards. But what’s best of all is that we are a tight-knit working community. This means that in the space of only a few years we’ve become one of the most important manufacturers of puff pastry based deep-frozen products in Italy, helping to expand their market base as well as becoming a point of reference within the industry.


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